November 20, 2019


Commentary for November 20, 2019:

Eon is referring to a story originally told in Eonís Comic back in June, 2008. This is, of course, a story that will eventually be re-created for Eonís World Vol. 1, but not for a while, yet. Itís still five years in the future of where the story currently is in Vol. 1, after all. But heís covered the essence of it here, which is all you need to know for now. Fun fact, though! That was the story that Delta Starfire made her original first appearance in.

The holotape Rosko is handing to Eon is based on the holotapes you can find in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Thereís a part of me that really digs retro style technology in a high-tech science fantasy setting like this, such as reel-to-reel computers and storage devices that are basically an advanced form of magnetic tape. And, since civilization has fallen and been rebuilt several times in the history of Earth at this point, I figure I can justify something off-the-wall like a holotape as the standard type of data disk in a setting like this.

But why do Cornerians use the same kind of holotapes as Terrans? Eh, same reason every modern computer uses USB in the real world, I guess. This particular type of holotape is undoubtedly a galactic standard (which may have even been invented in Lylat) and the Terran Union has quickly adopted it for convenienceís sake.

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