October 30, 2019


Commentary for October 30, 2019:

Welcome back!

With the first season of Eonís World Vol. 1 now wrapped up, itís time to return to Vol. 2 and catch up with Eon, Delta, and the crew of the Invincible, where we last left them at the end of Chapter 8, almost a year ago now.

I mentioned this at the time, but Chapter 8, as I initially wrote it, was going to be a whopping 72 pages long, almost twice as long as Chapter 7, which I already felt was stretching things a bit at 40 pages (but I really just wanted to get that particular story arc wrapped up). Partway through doing the artwork for Chapter 8, however, I decided to split it into three parts, separated by chapters focused on some other characters for a change, which is where Chapter 9 came in. I think I mentioned this in the commentaries for Chapter 9, but that story was originally going to feature Eon in a prominent role; however, when I decided to split ĎThe Discovery Sagaí story into three parts and have ĎFallen Angelí taking place concurrently with these events (this scene is literally the day after the events of Chapter 9), I re-worked it with other characters and, frankly, I think the story was much better for it. In fact, I think itís my best work yet.

Thatís not to say that Iím not too keen on this story, however, and hopefully Iíll be just as proud of ĎDistant Thunderí and ĎThe Discovery Sagaí as a whole when itís done. But it is a very different story, as you will soon see. We are, of course, back on the Wednesday/Saturday update schedule. As much as I wish I could do five pages of Vol. 2 a week, I just donít work that fast. But I should be able to manage two a week, all being well. (I have also given myself quite a head start, so by the time youíre actually reading this, I have already completed 12 pages.)

Anyway, welcome back to what is most decidedly not Eonís world, because itís the planet Corneria.

As a quick refresher: In Chapter 8, The Terran Union learned that the Discovery, a civilian explorer ship, had been attacked about a thousand light-years away from home; so they sent the cruiser, Invincible (along with Eon and Delta) to try and get access to the Cornerian hyperspace jump gate in the Lylat system, which would massively cut down on the journey time to get there. The Cornerians, however, are refusing access (evidently because the Galactic Jedi Order has advised them to), so Eon has gone to a presidential charity ball, hoping to plead their case to President Rosko himself, which is where we join him now...

I have to say, thereís nothing really special about this page. I feel as if my art might be a little rusty, considering I havenít drawn much since I finished working on Chapter 9 in March, but this page has turned out all right, I guess. Drawing some of the background characters was kind of fun, anyway, but I feel as if I ought to have gone a little wilder with some of the alien guests. Maybe on the next page. Weíll see.

Jayna Liddy, the Secretary of Space is a character who first appeared 11 years ago in Eonís Comic in the first proper story arc set in Lylat. Although Eonís Comic is no longer canon and is being slowly replaced with Eonís World Vol. 1 as the official backstory to Eonís World Vol. 2, many of the same stories will ultimately be told in it, and characters like this will return. However, Vice President Fenrir Steele is a new one, who I had neither created nor conceived of prior to beginning work on Vol. 2. Prior to this page, Iíd also only ever drawn him once (while recovering in a hospital bed after major surgery in September, 2017, actually, so it was hardly my best work). He turned out rather different to how Iíd originally planned him to look, and I was a little bit worried that he might end up looking a little too much like Darth Wargaz (remember him?). I mean, theyíre both wolves, so thereís going to be some similarities, but I think Iíve managed to avoid him looking like a basic pallet swap at least.

Finally, just a minor retcon that does not in any way affect the story, but you may have noticed that Iíve altered the date at which Eonís World is set. Originally, Eonís World took place between the years 2502 and 2512 (so far); Iíve now changed it so it takes place between the years 3232 and 3242 (so far). You see, the calendar date was never really meant to place Eonís World at any specific time in relation to the real world, but if you want some idea of how far in the future this is all set, donít think 500 years or even 1,200 years. Think more on the scale 50,000 years. If you ever read the Archie Sonic comic, you may note the similarity to the backstory given for the planet Mobius there, which was a post-apocalyptic Earth over 50,000 years removed from the present day. Earth in Eon's World has a similar backstory. In fact, itís partly because of that similarity that I decided to amend the dates in Eon's World to be closer to when Archie Sonic is generally set (at least, by the Mobian reckoning, pre-reboot).

If any of this is confusing, donít worry! All you really need to know is that the calendar date has been retconned (and, yes, I have gone back through and updated it wherever a calendar date was given in all previous chapters). This chapter (along with Chapters 8 and 9) is set in the year 3242. Chapters 1 through 7 were set in 3241 and Eon's World Vol. 1 is set between 3232 and 3240.

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