September 5, 2020



Commentary for September 5, 2020:

Given that Doctor Eggman has been captured and imprisoned by GUN, it stands to reason that Sonic and the Freedom Fighters would throw a party for the occasion. Sally delivering this little speech just kind of spun out of that. I didnít know what to write at first, but once I started on this, it kind of wrote itself, and I even got a little emotional writing it. Anyway, I wanted to use the party to show the various people whoíd had some involvement in this story arc getting together to celebrate making it through such a dark time; thatís why Lupe is there, since she gave the Freedom Fighters a safe place to stay when they escaped, as well as Eon and Silky, who brought GUNís vendetta to the attention of Ballista and ultimately Samanfur. So, why isnít Knuckles there? Well, Knuckles is hardly a party animal and he would have wanted to return to Angel Island pretty much immediately, I think, so it made no sense to me for him to be present for this. Oh yes, I also altered the Bunnie sprites for this page to show that she has new cybernetics now installed, which are based more heavily now on her look from the post-reboot Archie Sonic comic.

Now this final scene featuring Cookirini and Mortimer probably could use some explanation. This is the last youíll be seeing Mortimer, at least for a while. In the original Eonís World, the part of Meridian President was filled up to this point in the story by a character called Harry Eastwood, who belonged to Stuart Edney, one of the creators of the webcomic Exterminatus Now, who had been a friend of mine at the time. However, around about this point he sent me a request to stop using Eastwood in Eonís Comic and, naturally, I did as he asked and wrote Eastwood out of the story. Coming round to remaking Eonís Comic as Eonís World Vol. 1, I needed a new character to replace Eastwood with, which is where Mortimer came from. This Iíve already covered in previous commentaries, of course. But now that Eonís World has caught up to the point at which the character Mortimer was created to replace was essentially put on a bus, do I really need to write him out? Technically, no. Mortimer is my creation and I can use him as I please. But so much of what came afterwards in Eonís Comic span out of Cookiriniís brief service to Eastwood, who then disappeared without a trace, and I do want to re-create that arc for Eonís World, so that means Mortimer needs to disappear from the story the same way Eastwood did. However, because Mortimer is my creation, this doesnít necessarily have to be the last time we ever see him. Watch this space.

Anyway, come back tomorrow for the final page of both this chapter and this season of Eonís World Vol. 1.

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