April 13, 2019



Commentary for April 13, 2019:

I suppose I ought to say some words about the characters in this little story, shouldnít I? Well, obviously we have Eon Squirrel, at age 124 (itís the far distant future by this time, so people living to an age like this is not unusual; in fact, Iíd say heís probably got a few decades still left in him).

Spoilers, though! Heís still alive a century from now, so heís obviously never going to die in Vol. 1 (or Vol. 2 for that matter, unless it covers enough time to get past this point, that is). Also, he eventually becomes Grandmaster! Well, sure, but thatís kind of a given, really, isnít it? Besides, if youíre starting Eonís World here, you may not know what heís Grandmaster of, plus, none of you know how he becomes Grandmaster (or if itís even a story thatís going to be told, since it could have been just an uneventful transition when his predecessor died or retired). But what about that Moon?

The most recent depiction of the Moon in Vol. 2 was early in Chapter 8, where it was shown still half destroyed. After all, even with the high technology and super science of the of the far future, Earth does not have the means to rebuild a stellar body. So, howíd it get fixed? Well, youíll find out eventually.

And what about Grace? Who is she and will she ever have a role in a future story? Honestly, I donít plan for that, but Iím not going to rule it out completely. If she ever does play a role, it will have to be either a time travel story or a story set around the year 3340, because she's, like, 16 in this story, so she's not going to be born yet for decades.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little prologue. New pages for the Vol. 1 remaster will be going up Monday through Friday every week for the immediate future, although this schedule may be revised later, and the series will go on hiatus when I resume work on Vol. 2.

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