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A note on the setting and history of Eon's World here. Previously, "Earth" in Eon's World only resembled the real world, but it was never meant to be the same. It was geographically different, while occupying the same location in space -- rather like the "Earth" in Tolkien's stories (although, that is supposed to be the real Earth in the distant past, but whatevs). It had a similar but different history and similar but different countries, etc. That is still true, but to a much lesser degree now. I have retconned the world of Eon's World to be much closer to the real world than it ever was before. If you've seen the revised map, you'll notice that most of the countries are real-world countries or regions -- and if they're not, they probably were at some point in history. I'm not sure exactly where history diverges with reality, but furry characters have been part of the population throughout recorded history, so, as similar as it may be, there'll still be differences. However, key historical figures are most likely still there -- people like Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Adolf Hitler, for example, are all almost certainly historical figures in Eon's World, and the events they were involved with are likely very similar, if only with very slight differences -- for instance, Hitler almost certainly persecuted furries along with Jews, people of colour, the disabled, the mentally ill, and LGBT folks. So, ancient Rome and Japan are a part of this world's history as much as they are a part of the real world. And it makes so much more sense for the Martian capital to be called Roma Nova (i.e. New Rome) that way.

Also, I know it's a cliché, but it's a delightful one, to have villain team-ups inevitably end in betrayal. Hence why I'm not even going to make it a surprise. What will be interesting is how the Empire plans to betray Kochanski and his followers. But you'll have to wait and see to find out how.

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