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I don't have a great deal to say about this page, really, other than I'm generally quite pleased with how it turned out. For new readers, the destruction of Grand Metropolis that Kochanski refers to happened way back in Eon's World 1.0 page #481, which is not yet back online. But hopefully I'll fix that soon.

While I'm on the subject, I should make a note on continuity about Eon's World 1.0. While all of the major events are still canon, the canonicity of minor events is more debatable. A lot has been retconned already for Eon's World 2.0, but that's mostly to do with world building stuff so far. However, if events from 1.0 are referenced in 2.0, then they're still part of the continuity; if not, they may or may not be. I am actually planning on doing an Eon's World 1.1, which will officially replace 1.0 as the canon prelude to 2.0, but I have no idea when this will be. So, until then, treat 1.0 as a loose prelude to 2.0, assuming that most major events are still part of the continuity. (Although, for ease of understanding, I'll just say right now that everything involving Mario and Mega Man is not part of the continuity any more.)

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