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Believe it or not, prior to starting Eon's World 2.0, I hadn't drawn Serena that often. I think maybe two or three times in total and she has existed now for eight years. She went through several batches of sprites, but seldom ever any drawings. She had a rather interesting creation too.

It was the summer of 2005, and I was abuzz about Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith -- which I loved and I don't care what anyone else thinks. The film, current events, and various other things inspired me to take my comic in a new direction that year by killing off Robotnik (but not really) and starting the Union-Imperial War. During the transitional period of the summer months, after Robotnik's demise (but not really), I went home and drew Eon as a Jedi after watching Sith. Standing back to admire my handiwork, I asked myself, "what if Eon really was a Jedi?" Then I thought to myself, "My comic draws on a whole bunch of sources already, like Sonic, MegaMan, Mario Bros., etc., and it's already implied that there are Jedi in this universe because of Eastwood." Then the beginnings of what has become one of the biggest story arcs in my comic started coming together. Naturally, Eon wasn't a Jedi, so if he were to become one, he'd need a master to teach him -- he would need Serena Darkstorm.

Serena began with just a name. I first conceived of her while sat watching Fantastic Four, which was an okay movie, but not as good, I felt, as the Spider-Man and X-Men films so far. Nevertheless, I thought the name Susan Storm was very cool, and started to think that something similar would make a good name for a character of my own. Amazingly, I created Serena Darkstorm in my head entirely while watching the movie, right down to the artificial left arm, the purple hair, and the propensity for wearing green. I even came up with her name during those 105 minutes, which took the surname "Storm" and prefixed it with "Dark-" to create "Darkstorm", which I thought sounded more Star Warsy*, and then I substituted "Susan" for "Serena", creating "Serena Darkstorm". Believe it or not, I took the name Serena from a character in the Australian soap opera, Neighbours, which I used to watch religiously before I went to university in September, 2005.

Anyways, not long after, I drew an initial sketch of Serena and the sprites followed soon after. The rest is history, so to speak.

*Please note that, at the time of her creation, I was not terribly familiar with the 1980's series Visionaries, other than having read a couple of the backup stories from two issues of the classic Transformers comic I used to possess. They were terrible. I did not know that "Darkstorm" was the name of the villain in Visionaries, or I might have given Serena a different name. But who the hell actually remembers Visionaries anyways?

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