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Obviously, this whole chapter has been a learning process, with just about every page presenting new challenges, and I don't think there's a single page I'm completely satisfied with. But that's good. It gives me something to work on. On this page, I really learnt how hard it is to draw small... which is why Eon looks so odd in panel 5. Then again, he looks pretty odd in panel 6 too. Frankly, this is why I've been so hesitant to make a start on a comic with any hand drawn elements in it, because of the fear of my art not being consistently good.

Still, it's all a learning process. At least I'm pleased with my model work in the first four panels.

Oh yes. Eon's light-sabre is loosely based on the 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver.

Commentary for April 10, 2013


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