Page for Wednesday, May 11, 2013:


Somewhat inspired by Transformers Universe pages from the classic Transformers comic, this page, as you can see, is a brief character profile. As some of you may recall, I can be quite verbose, and summing up Eon in the space I left myself wasn't as easy as you might think, at least not for me. I intend to do larger character profiles at some point, but I thought these might be fun breaks between chapters in the meantime. Besides, I can do several of these a day, if I really want to, whereas it takes me two to three days to do a regular page, sometimes longer depending on what the page involves. By putting a couple of these at the end of each chapter, I'm buying myself time to get a backlog of pages, which, hopefully, will keep me from missing any updates due to not having anything to update with. There'll be another page like this next Wednesday and then Chapter 2 will begin next Saturday.

Commentary for May 11, 2013


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