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Commentary for September 16, 2018:

Approaching page #148 for the remaster, I realised it really wasn't up to the standard I've been setting for myself. It was just a silly Christmas Eve party story where the joke was that CJ ate all the food. Page #149, however, was a series of vignettes showing how different groups of characters were spending Christmas Day. Two of those vignettes gave me an idea for a brand new story to replace pages #148 and #149.

The first was Brabanzio getting chewed out by Sora-Ya for having the audacity to sneak out to the local town to enjoy a Christmas party. Given who Brabanzio becomes to the Empire, I felt he was the wrong character for such a jaunt. Iago, however, and a rebellious teenage Kari-Ya? Perfect. And thus this story was conceived.

The town of Pine Hill is actually a small wilderness town that I would later feature in the last story arc of the original version of Eon's World 1.0. It was a story where Eon and Delta visit the town to recruit a potential Jedi. However, since I've decided to nix the last ten pages of the original run and recycle that particular story arc into an updated version for 2.0 in the future, this now makes this story Pine Hill's only appearance in Eon's World 1.0. Funny how that works out, eh?

There's a couple of cheeky wee references on this page. The first, where Kari-Ya calls the town "Pining Hearts" is a reference to 'Camp Pining Hearts', an anime that Peridot and Lapis Lazuli enjoy watching in Steven Universe. The second is the name of the tavern, 'The Dog & Duck', which is also an English style pub in Austin, Texas. I've never been to Austin, but it was a regular venue used by the Atheist Community of Austin some years ago (when I was still writing the original version of Eon's World 1.0, so as recently as 2011), and I've been listening to some of their podcasts since 2009.

Original Character Credits

Horatio - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

Kari-Ya - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

Iago - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

Pine Hill civilians - characters & sprites by Bethany Turner


Custom Sprite Credits

Jeep - sprites by Kompi


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