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Commentary for September 16, 2018:

Thankfully, this page wasn't as big a task as the previous one. The only major visual changes were to extend the scene with Doctor Svalbard by two panels and replace the end scene (originally a Liberal Party campaign ad) with an SSTV News report. Obviously, the dialogue is very different to the original.

And talking of SSTV, I didn't make up the channel. Sonic X did, and on SSTV in Sonic X, you'd usually find an orange-glad reporter called Scarlet Garcia. She wasn't just a face on the news reports, either, she was an actual character who did some investigative journalism throughout the show, which is probably why I started eventually featuring her as the on-the-scene reporter for my version of SSTV News. Although, her first appearance was originally later than this.

SSTV News became a great way of quickly updating readers on the current situation (particularly during the wars to come) in a way that doesn't come across as unnatural. Mr. Exposition doesn't feel like Mr. Exposition when their actual job is exposition, after all. Of course, in Sonic X, SSTV News was, presumably, a local news program for Station Square, whereas in Eon's World, SSTV is like the BBC, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, or perhaps more appropriately Fox News, given its political bias. It's a massive news network, with global reach, and is broadcast worldwide.

Two other things to note here. The first is more light being shed on Sally's father. As I've established, Nigel Acorn was not a king in this world. Instead, he was a scientist, specifically researching warp technology (i.e. faster-than-light space travel). Bear that in mind if you've been trying to speculate as to what Doctor Eggman may have wanted with him. The other thing is that this page is another step in my ongoing quest with Eon's World to MAKE IT GAYER. See if you can spot where!

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