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Commentary for September 15, 2018:

Rumble is red. Frenzy is blue.

This was a bit of experimental storytelling for me here, where each panel alternated between two different scenes. I only did it this one time, because it's, honestly, a little hard to follow and not all that fun to read. Of course, that didn't stop a certain writer for the Archie Sonic book from trying it himself in issue #137, about seven months later... only with a much more boring story.

Anyway, this story arc is an example of something I've often done in Eon's World -- right up to the latest story arc in Eon's World 2.0, in fact -- which is tying up a loose end and putting an ongoing plot thread to rest. I've done it with quite a few things over the years, and it's not the same thing as ending a story arc. No, this is me finishing my work with a particular concept. Sure, I may leave the door open to the possibility of revisiting it one day, but I leave no real reason to. For all intents and purposes, it is done.

When I first wrote this story, I believe I was becoming conscious of the absurdity of some of the earlier weirdness in Eon's World, but I didn't want to just sweep it under the rug and pretend it never happened. I needed satisfactory conclusions to loose ends like Megatron and the Digimon that would wrap up their stories and free me of any further need to revisit them.

As of writing this commentary, Megatron and the Decpticons have never returned to Eon's World, and I don't believe they ever will, despite Megatron's customary villain ranting at the end there. I love Transformers, as anyone who's seen my collection of them can attest, but I don't think they're a good fit for Eon's World, especially not with where I begin to take it not too long after this story.

Custom Sprite Credits

Starscream - original sprites by [unknown], edited by Bethany Turner

Shockwave - sprites by Bethany Turner

Soundwave - original sprites by [unknown], edited by Bethany Turner

Megatron - sprites by Bethany Turner

Rumble - original sprites by [unknown], edited by Bethany Turner

Tornado 2 attack mode - sprites by Bethany Turner


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