Page for November 08, 2003:

Commentary for September 15, 2018:

Don't cut Tikal off like that, Tails! She was about to warn you about things that are going to happen next year!

All that aside, I really like this page. It was an opportunity to showcase what a badass Tails can be. He's very smart and he's pretty heckin' brave, too. I mean, this kid singlehandedly saved Station Square from Doctor Eggman's missile attack and then fought his giant Egg Walker, too! All without any help or backup. So, naturally, he's going to stand up to the likes of Megatron and make the kind of demands he makes here.

Sadly for Tails, Megatron is not the type to keep his word once he's got what he wants...

Custom Sprite Credits

Megatron - sprites by Bethany Turner

Tikal - sprites by Bethany Turner

Starscream - original sprites by [unknown], edited by Bethany Turner

Shockwave - sprites by Bethany Turner

Soundwave - original sprites by [unknown], edited by Bethany Turner


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