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Bamboozled again!

Yes, this was all part of General Timmons and Sonic's plan! Sonic would go to Doctor Eggman, acting as if he was finally beaten and willing to do whatever his arch nemesis would ask of him to save his friends. Cream and Tikal being captured wasn't part of the plan, but since they were also detained in Omega 5, it wasn't too much trouble to accommodate rescuing them, too, especially once Knuckles was on board (even if he wasn't clued in on the whole plan). Without Sonic's help, Eggman had bitten off way more than he could chew, which is why he gets captured himself at the end of this story.

And thus begins the first protracted absence of Doctor Eggman from Eon's World -- which runs to a total of 28 pages. That doesn't seem like much, I know, but remember that translates into 13 weeks now that Eon's World was on a schedule (and accounting for the two extra pages over Christmas and New Year), which was the longest he'd been absent up to this point. He is, after all, Sonic's main villain, and this was still very much a Sonic fan comic. Of course, it pales in comparison to that time when Archie Sonic actually killed him off for over two actual real-world calendar years and then didn't bring him back at all, but replaced him with an alternate universe counterpart. Sure, Eggman's later absence in Eon's World was much longer than that, but -- spoilers -- I never went as far as killing him off permanently and then replacing him with a different Eggman.

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