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Commentary for September 12, 2018:

What does Eggman hope to gain from using Sonic in an attack on Omega 5? Well, honestly, it's little more than a twisted game to him. If Sonic attacks a GUN facility at the head of a Badnik army, he'll just be proving true everything GUN has accused him of. Clearing his name will become all but impossible and he'll become a pariah pretty much for good. And thus Eggman breaks him.

It's not enough for Eggman to just kill Sonic. That's why he never has, even when he has had every opportunity to. For Eggman, it's not really winning if Sonic doesn't see him win, if he doesn't get to rub his face in it and gloat. For the sweetest victory, Sonic has to live on, broken, defeated, and without hope. In his own twisted mind, Sonic is as much Eggman's rival as he is his enemy, so just killing him would never be enough. Sonic has to be broken, he has to realise he's lost and admit defeat for Eggman to truly be victorious.

Of course, if a Badnik ever did get lucky and successfully kill Sonic, Eggman would still call it a victory. But I expect it would be a bit of an anticlimax for him.

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