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Commentary for September 11, 2018:

I am really heckin' proud of this and the next page. Both of them reuse old assets from the original versions to tell a completely new story. Originally, these pages revisited the two OC's from the future whom I've nixed in the remaster of pages #101 through #105. Since they're no longer part of Eon's World, I needed to do something else with these pages, but the originals also introduced one of my biggest OC's, Katherine Elm. She doesn't appear all that often (and she hasn't appeared even once yet in Eon's World 2.0 as of writing this commentary), but when she does show up, it's usually a sign that shit's going down.

I didn't want to sacrifice her first appearance for something completely different, so I re-created it as something better. As you'll already know from pages #089 through #091, Ciel is from over two hundred years in the future. She travelled back in time with Zero and they've been working with present-day Mega Man for reasons yet to be revealed. This is the truth she wishes she could tell her friend, Brenda (who's finally been promoted from recurring background character and getting something to do). Unfortunately for Ciel and Zero, someone has noticed their time jump and has decided to intercede. Enter Katherine Elm, a time agent.

Just who and what she is is something that will be steadily revealed over time. But here in this story, she gets to meet a guy who's going to be a bit of a rival to her for years to come -- CJ Kitmyth.

Original Charcater Credits

Paws - charecter by Robyn Silver, sprites by Bethany Turner

Lianne-Ka - character by Lianne-Ka, sprites by Bethany Turner

Brenda Winters - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

CJ Kitmyth - character by Chris Richardson, sprites by T-M-E & Bethany Turner

Katherine Elm - character & sprites by Bethany Turner


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