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Bamboozled again!

Of course Knuckles wasn't going to willingly join the Echidna Empire -- he was hoping to infiltrate the organisation and bring them down from the inside. Unfortunately, Sora-Ya is pretty smart and she saw right through him. So I guess that makes this a double bamboozle? But what has Sora-Ya got planned for him...? Well, all I'll say is that it's something awful that will come back to haunt Knuckles for years after this. If you're a veteran reader of Eon's World or if you've read Eon's World 2.0, you may already have an idea of what I mean.

This page was intentionally low on action. From page #101 through to here, there had been almost non-stop action, so I wrote this page as a bit of a breather, so the story could collect itself and remind readers where everyone is at right now. The title, 'Welcome to the Empire', which has not been changed from the original version, has a double meaning, of course. Both Sonic and Knuckles are prisoners of two different empires intent on compelling them to submit and work for them. In the Echidna Empire's case, it's because the Knuckles is the last of the Guardians and Sora-Ya wants to reconcile the Imperial Order with them (even if that means absorbing them into the Empire and controlling them by force). In Doctor Eggman's case, he wants to force Sonic to work for him in order to break his hated foe, thereby absolutely defeating him in the most humiliating way possible.

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