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Commentary for September 10, 2018:

Sonic and Sally often fought in SatAM and in the comics by Archie, especially early on. Sonic is a hothead, who doesn't really think everything through beforehand and tends to act on instinct. He's not a fool, but he can be a little shortsighted. On the other hand, Sally is a strategist. She has plans and backup plans. She has backup plans of her backup plans. She is the type who will stop and think before acting. And maybe that makes her overly cautious. But when the two of them manage to work together, it can be a beautiful thing. When they're at odds, you get arguments like this. Or the notorious slap.

Sally hopes that by taking Sonic into custody, the police will actually be sparing him from being taken prisoner by GUN. In police custody, Sonic has the same protections as any regular criminal suspect. But as a prisoner of GUN on terrorist charges, he has no protections whatsoever and will, most likely be sent to Omega 5... to disappear. As long as Sally can use her political influence to convince City Hall to order the SSPD not to turn Sonic over, he will be safe long enough for her to try and help clear his name. This is why she wants him to surrender to the police and come quietly, because running from them will just make him look guilty. It's a longshot, but under the circumstances, it's the best plan she can come up with on the spot.

On the other hand, Sonic has no faith in the slow processes of the political arena and doubts that he will be kept safe from GUN in police custody. Moreover, being a prisoner in Station Square vs. being a prisoner in Omega 5 is six and two threes to him. He's still being unjustly locked up, while Eggman is free to cause mayhem. In this situation, his instinct is to run. If he runs, he's free to figure out what to do next. If he surrenders, game over.

Who is right?

They've both got valid concerns. Neither of them trust GUN in the least, but Sally hopes justice will prevail if Sonic cooperates with the local authorities. Everyone in Station Square -- the people, the cops, City Hall, the federal government -- they all know what a big damn hero Sonic is, and I imagine they'd want to give him the benefit of the doubt. It's like how the cops in New York know they're supposed to arrest Spider-Man, but they're going to pull their punches and not really try, because he saves lives where they can't. If word comes down from City Hall to not turn Sonic over to GUN, they'll happily follow that order.

On the other hand, Sonic fears that GUN is too powerful for the local authorities to cross and if he's in police custody, GUN will come for him. And all the powers of City Hall or even the federal government won't be enough to protect him. If that happens, justice will not prevail. And that's just not a chance he's wiling to take.

But, since that's not the scenario that plays out, I guess we'll never know who's right.

Original Charcater Credits

General Marcus Davis - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

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Lianne-Ka - character by Lianne-Ka, sprites by Bethany Turner

Brenda Winters - character & sprites by Bethany Turner


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