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Commentary for September 09, 2018:

I am really heckin' pleased with the remaster of this page. In essence, it's the same as ever it was; but in the original version, Davis met with Eastwood, not Samanfur. As I've said previously, I hadn't fully figured out what the United Nations of Earth was at the time I originally wrote this page, so it didn't seem odd or wrong for Davis to meet with Eastwood like that. But revisiting this page, I realised that it needed to be Samanfur, which brings her appearing in her official capacity as Chancellor of the United Nations of Earth much earlier than before. It's the first appearance (and not just mention) of Grand Metropolis, Earth's capital city.

Some of you may recognise Davis as quoting George Orwell in panel 9. The savviest among you, however, may know that Orwell in all likelihood never actually said that, as the earliest known matching statement first appeared in a Washington Times column by film critic, Richard Grenier in 1993, 43 years after Orwell's death. Sure, as the article I linked does go on to say, it might well have been a sentiment felt by Orwell, but the exact quote is not something he is known to have ever said. But then, pseudo-intellectual internet jackboots, who want to parade around their military service as a symbol of their superiority over others, like to sound well-read and highly educated next to the anti-authoritarian liberals and leftists they disdain by throwing out quotes allegedly from highly regarded thinkers. Indeed, Davis's parting shot at Samanfur is based on a number of experiences I had around this time in dealing with one such person. And he used the misattributed Orwell quote regularly to justify endless warfare.

It may not be coincidental that the first mention of the Warlords is on the same page as Davis weaponising a misattributed Orwell quote to justify military aggression. After all, the Warlords were inspired by dealing with such fascists online. If you're unfamiliar with the Warlords, because you're new to Eon's World, I'll just say watch this space.

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