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Commentary for September 09, 2018:

The burning question about Sora-Ya for me is this; does she really believe that her plans for global conquest are for the good of all people, and not just echidnas? I know she believes it's for the good of the echidna race, but whether or not she really wants to benefit all people or believes her ambitions will do this is fuzzier to me. Certainly, non-echidnas are not her priority, and she most certainly believes in the supremacy of echidnas. White supremacists will sometimes claim they want to see all races flourish, but its empty rhetoric designed to sanitise their message to centrists and classical liberals in order to make those on the left who point to them and say "you racist Nazi piece of shit" look shrill, unhinged, and paranoid. Maybe I've been watching too much ContraPoints at the time of writing this.

Then again, I was thinking about deep issues when originally writing this. I lacked the knowledge and sophistication to really do some of these issues the justice they deserved, and maybe exploring issues of racial prejudice with colourful cartoon animals meant for children will come across as tasteless to some. But then again, this comic is science fiction, and if sci-fi can explore these very human issues with rubber forehead aliens, I think I'm safe.

Setting aside the question of the racist ideology of the Echidna Empire, there is the issue I was deliberately trying to tackle when I first wrote this. Would you believe it was meant to be a metaphor for the Iraq War? GUN is pursuing a vengeful campaign against Sonic, a person they hate, which they know would not be acceptable to the world at large, so they've built a case upon out-of-context evidence and outright lies. The Iraq War in a nutshell. Now, of course, Iraq was no saint in 2003. Saddam Hussein was a tyrannical despot, who brutalised his people. I never said this was a perfect anology, after all. The point was, Iraq did not pose the immediate threat to America and her allies that George W. Bush and Tony Blair wanted us to believe it did. And we all knew it. Nevertheless, we went to war and the world is still paying for that mistake today, fifteen years later. Especially Iraq.

Yes, it was an inelegant metaphor. I was seventeen, after all -- seventeen and very angry with my country. But I had no power, besides my art. So, I used it to express that anger. On second pass, I don't want to completely abandon the real world atrocity that inspired this story arc, but I am shifting the focus a little to also be about the danger of an out-of-control military force -- a rogue agency, if you will -- that has too much autonomy and power, as well as questioning that military culture where you can seemingly justify anything in the name of obeying orders. Needless to say, I don't believe anyone should obey an order that they know to be morally wrong, regardless of what any laws might say. And that is a recurring theme in Eon's World, as you will see.

Sorry, this one was a bit rambly, wasn't it? It's 0115 as I write this, so that might be why.

Original Character Credits

Silky Fox - character by Vay Yates, sprites by Bethany Turner

Eon Squirrel - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

Sora-Ya - character & sprites by Bethany Turner


Custom Sprite Credits

GUN soldiers - sprites created by Bethany Turner

ORCA attack hovercraft - sprites by Kompi

Tornado 2 attack mode - sprites by Bethany Turner

F6 Big Foot - sprites by Kompi


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