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My idea behind what the Little Planet really is is not based on anything official, to be honest. It's more the science fiction nerd in me desperately trying to account for a mystery in one of my favourite franchises. The Little Planet is weird. It only really appears in one Sonic game (I suppose two, if you include Stardust Speedway Zone from Sonic Mania) and is never really referenced again, except in the comics, and mostly in Fleetway's Sonic the Comic, not Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog.

When Archie did a very loose adaptation of Sonic CD in 1995's Sonic the Hedgehog #25, any zones from the game were not even depicted as being on the Little Planet at all. They did revisit the game over two decades later in issue #290, which was the final issue of Archie Sonic unfortunately, and they played it straight there (this was, of course, post-reboot, where the story was a lot truer to the games), but that was the only time the Little Planet ever appeared in that book.

In Sonic the Comic, however, which I did read as a child, the Little Planet, or "Miracle Planet" as it was renamed, appeared much more regularly -- literally more regularly, as it was depicted as appearing once every month rather than once every year, as was the case in the game. And a good number of stories were set there above and beyond the Sonic CD adaptation, which StC did about a year earlier and played much straighter than Archie's first pass at it.

But even in the comics, no light was shed on what the Little Planet was, why no one lived there, or why it appeared and disappeared at regular intervals. So, I decided to hammer out an explanation of my own, figuring it's as good as any and unlikely to be contradicted by official canon any time soon (not that that would stop me).

Given the Little Planet's relationship with time travel, I came up with the idea of a time engine. A massive machine, cunningly disguised as a moon, that could project a temporal field around a planet, making it possible to slow or speed up time within that field. It could allow for faster terraforming of planets or could even be weaponised to slow the progress of a hostile planet relative to the the universe outside. Why it was built exactly and by whom I have already figured out and maybe some long time readers have too. But you may need to wait quite a while yet for those answers.

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