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Commentary for September 07, 2018:

One of the fun things about remastering my old comic pages is getting back into the heads of the characters as they were back then. No one has passed through the timeline of Eon's World unchanged, not even the official Sega characters, who are mandated to be immutable and unchanging in actual licensed media, like the Archie and IDW comics. But in Eon's World, time passes. In 1.0, it passed at more-or-less the same rate as in the real world -- a year in real time was a year in the comic's timeline. In 2.0, it passes much more slowly, because each chapter takes a lot longer to create, but it does still pass. And that means characters have to age and grow. In 2502, when Eon's World begins, the Sega characters are all their official ages, but by 2510, where 1.0 ends, they've all aged by eight years. Sonic, who began as a 15-year-old, is now 23. Tails, who was 8, is now 16. And so on.

Eventually, I realised I needed to make taller sprites for Tails to show that he wasn't a kid anymore, he was a growing teenage boy. And, at this point, in the year 2513, he's a 19-year-old young man. And Eon is 27 at this point, and looking a lot more mature and serious -- he's fully clothed, after all -- and Delta is...

Wait, what? Who?

Well, if you've read Eon's World 2.0, Delta Starfire won't be a stranger to you. She is Eon's closest friend and companion by the time of 2.0. Indeed, this was already well established by the time of late 1.0. She is a Jedi knight, who arrived on Earth in the year 2508, a good five years from the "present day" at this time (at least, from Sonic's perspective; it's all relative when time travel's involved, after all). Sadly that means you will have to wait a bit for her true first appearance (in about 515 pages), but I just couldn't resist including her and future Eon in this story arc -- sporting their updated outfits as of the end of Chapter 7 of 2.0, albeit without the Jedi robes (hey, the Little planet seems mostly tropical, anyways). Delta is a very important character to me, and I really wanted to create an opportunity for her to appear as early on as this, even if it is only really a cameo.

Finally, Raikou is, of course, doing what any opportunist would do if they were taking a short trip into the future; gathering as much intel as she can to take back in time with her and profit from. No, she's not pulling a Biff Tannen and just betting on sports events; she's going to bet on everything, invest in the most successful stocks, be in all the right places at the right times, and come out filthy rich. If knowledge is power, foreknowledge of every major event for the next decade is practically god-like, after all.

Original Character Credits

Raikou - character & sprites by Raikou Fighter

Eon Squirrel - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

Delta Starfire - character & sprites by Bethany Turner


Custom Sprite Credits

Miles "Tails" Prower - sprites by Bethany Turner

Nack the Weasel - sprites by Bethany Turner

Metal Sonic - sprites by MechaSonic2


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