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Commentary for September 07, 2018:

In my first pass at remastering Eon's World, I had no real intention of fundamentally altering the story in any significantly consequential way. Circumstances did, in the end, prompt me to do so by replacing an OC belonging to a now former friend with Sally Acorn, which created the opportunity for the recently concluded Blaze the Cat story arc. But before that, there was this.

Originally, Sonic travelled five hundred years into the future, fought future GUN and Super Egg Robo X, and then travelled back in time to 2503 with a couple of OC's from the year 3003. And those would go on to do very little of note and eventually disappear from Eon's World as I lost touch with their creators and really had no use for them.

As I approached this story arc in the remaster, I realised how pointless it was and how little impact Sonic travelling in time had. It was five centuries into the future, long after he, his friends, his enemies, and anything any of them had done had ceased to have any real significance, to say nothing of a couple of useless OC's, whose stories went nowhere. And then I had an idea. What if Sonic didn't travel to the year 3003? What if he travelled to the year 2513, a mere ten years into the future? A future date within his own lifetime? A future date within the scope of Eon's World...?

The first seven chapters of Eon's World 2.0 take place around March, 2511, almost eight years after the beginning of Eon's World 1.0. Chapter 8 and a number of the subsequant chapters, which, as I write this, are still in production, take place from the end of June, 2512. There are forthcoming chapters that will most certainly be set in 2513. Indeed, I plan to tell stories set many years after that, if I can. 2513 is absolutely within the scope of the Eon's World timeline. And then it struck me.

What if I told a story essentially connecting the beginnings of Eon's World with its modern era? A story where Sonic travels forward in time to get a glimpse of the future that's in store?

And what if I told that story twice? Once in 1.0, as a sprite comic, and once again in 2.0, as a "real" comic? And so the seeds of this story arc were firmly planted in my mind.

I took a break from remastering Eon's World 1.0 when I got to this point and continued working on Chapter 8 of 2.0 instead, partly because I knew this was going to be a big challenge. It wasn't like the tweaks and slight alterations I'd made before -- it was the first complete replacement I'd be making to an existing story arc. I needed to be sure I knew what I was doing and what fallout there would be from it, and I needed to be prepared to deal with that fallout to keep myself from tearing open a massive plothole. After all, two OC's were going to be erased, and with them, any stories they had after this, so I needed to be ready to come up with some kind of replacement for them, too.

When I came to this story arc, I was really quite rusty. I wrote a complete script for it -- the first script I'd written for a sprite comic in over seven years -- and vastly overestimated how much space I had for dialogue. I'd also forgotten so much about making sprite comics from scratch, so this was a re-learning experience for me. I don't think it's my best work on the remaster, but it was the moment at which I said, "to hell with it" and let myself completely replace pages if I didn't like or want to keep the original, or if I believed the comic would benefit from something different. If not for cutting my teeth on this story arc, I probably wouldn't have had the courage or ambition to go back and do that Blaze arc.

So, I'm very glad I did this and I hope you enjoy it, too, whether you've been reading Eon's World since 2003 or if you're only just coming to it now.

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