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Commentary for September 06, 2018:

Originally, this story led into a fairly weird and ultimately pointless story where Sonic briefly visited the year 3003, five hundred years in the future, rather than a mere ten. I didn't feel that story added anything of value to Eon's World and decided to nix it in the remaster in favour of a brand new story, which you'll see in pages #101 through #105. At the time I originally wrote this story arc in 2003, I had no idea I'd still be working on Eon's World fifteen years later, and certainly not that I'd ever come back and remaster these early pages. So, the idea of writing a time travel story connecting the early days of Eon's World with the modern era obviously never occured to me. But more about that when we get to it.

The only major changes to this page are an improved first panel and the replacement of Bendilin's custom Nack sprites with my own. No disrespect to Bendilin, of course. They made some fantastic sprites. It's just that, once I made my own Nack sprites, I liked them better.

Original Character Credits

Raikou - character & sprites by Raikou Fighter


Custom Sprite Credits

Nack the Weasel - sprites by Bethany Turner


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