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Commentary for September 06, 2018:

Knuckles isn't stupid and I've never cared for portrayals of him that make him out to be (particularly Sonic Boom, which I do otherwise enjoy). Is he gullible? He can be. Is he ignorant about some things? Sure. But is he stupid? No. And I've never portrayed him that way, either. But, since he's spent his whole life on an island, as far as we know, by himself, he's not going to know what Tails means by "contraction", when referring to E-124-A's speech pattern. It's not stupidity; it's just a lack of knowledge, based on the fact that he has no formal education.

This page is largely similar to the original, with the obvious addition of my custom Eggman sprites. I didn't bother updating the Nack sprites to the ones I later created myself, as they're barely visible aboard the Egg Jet anyway. The one major addition to this page that was not in the original was Eggman's mention of an "ultimate weapon". Originally, I introduced said weapon at a later date with absolutely no buildup or foreshadowing. But, there's that benefit of foresight again.

Original Character Credits

Raikou - character & sprites by Raikou Fighter


Custom Sprite Credits

Doctor Eggman - sprites by Bethany Turner

E-124-A "Metal Amy" - sprites by Bendilin

Nack the Weasel - sprites by Bendilin


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