Page for June 24, 2003:

Commentary for September 05, 2018:

Remember when Sora-Ya said she and Knuckles made a good team? Well, so does she, and she meant it. So much so, that it keeps coming back to haunt Knuckles time and time again -- for about six years (or another 575 pages, to be exact), as you will see if you keep reading.

The remaster barely changes anything from the original, apart from improvements to the dialogue. Indeed, this was the first page where I used the better Angel Island backgrounds I made and have since remastered earlier pages set on Angel Island with.

Original Character Credits

Sora-Ya - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

Lothar Hex - character by Gary Webber, sprites by T-M-E

Professor Horatio - character & sprites by Bethany Turner


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