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Commentary for September 05, 2018:

Most of the changes between this page's remaster and the original are cosmetic -- the usual updated GUN uniforms, for the most part. The dialogue is actually remarkably similar to the original. Some of it is phrased a little differently, but most of what is said was basically also said in the original version.

Of note is that, as a result of the remaster, one of the generic soldiers has been replaced with a recurring soldier character, who would appear a lot later on, and that's Lieutenant Colonel Sonita Cartwright. Interesting story behind her; her surname is a reference to Samantha Carter from Stargate SG-1, whereas her first name is from a girl I went to school with. Originally, her first appearance was much later than this. I couldn't work her name into the dialogue here, but watch out for her in the future!

Original Character Credits

Lieutenant General Laura Timmons - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

Lieutenant Colonel Sonita Cartwright - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

General Marcus Davis - characters & sprites by Bethany Turner

Silky Fox - character by Vay Yates, sprites by Bethany Turner

Eon Squirrel - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

Captain Jensen - character & sprites by Bethany Turner


Custom Sprite Credits

GUN soldiers - sprites by Bethany Turner


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