Page for June 15, 2003:

Commentary for September 05, 2018:

This is the most changed of the pages in this story arc. Originally, instead of Ciel from the Mega Man Zero games, Iris from the Mega Man X games joined Mega Man and Zero as the third member of their team. It was the only time she ever appeared in Eon's World, and I removed her because I later established that Zero had travelled back in time from the Mega Man Zero era, rather than the Mega Man X era, by which time Iris is dead. However, Ciel is from the Zero era and is later established in Eon's World to be Zero's closest friend and companion, so I figured it was better to feature her here.

However, since Ciel is a non-combatant, I needed to change up the fight quite a bit, which meant a lot of re-working or outright re-doing panels.

Sonic's quip about Mega Man's "lemon shooter" is a nod to the Worlds Collide story arc from the Archie Sonic and Mega Man comics, where Sonic made a similar comment.


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