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Commentary for September 05, 2018:

In the original version of this story, I was completely clueless about Mega Man and didn't realise the distinction between Mega Man and Mega Man X (to say nothing of Mega Man Zero). I didn't realise that Mega Man and X were two completely different characters, so I just went ahead and used X sprites for Mega Man (because they were cooler). In my first pass at remastering Eon's World 1.0, I used an in-story justification for it, which is still present in the opening dialogue between Mega Man (i.e. Rock) and Doctor Light; Mega Man has undergone a major upgrade from some new friends he's met.

Those familiar with the Mega Man franchise will know that the X series is set a hundred years after the classic one, and the Zero series a further hundred years after that. This is something I came to learn later and had to hurriedly come up with an explanation for in the plot on page #203, by which point I'd started using Zero and Battle Network sprites (again, because they were cooler), thus creating a bit of a chronological mess. Needless to say, time travel is involved.

Given how I fixed the continuity problem later, I've opted to, instead of using X sprites, go straight to Zero sprites for... well, Zero and ZX Model X sprites for Mega Man. Yes, I know, once again, those sprites are not meant to be Rock in the Mega Man ZX games, but advanced tech from the future is involved in this story arc, and the precise reasons for it will be revealed in time.

Finally, this story arc was the original first appearance of Cream the Rabbit and Cheese the Chao in Eon's World, prior to the remaster. Now, of course, they've already played a major role in the recently concluded Blaze the Cat story arc, and their new first appearance is page #023.


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