Page for June 08, 2003:

Commentary for September 03, 2018:

Like the previous page, this one is largely the same as the original, but with improvements to the dialogue and the visuals. The biggest difference here is the final scene, where I changed the dialogue to show Eastwood recognising a GUN soldier for being dependable, which will be important for both him and Timmons later on.

Original Character Credits

Silky Fox - character by Vay Yates, sprites by Bethany Turner

Raikou - character & sprites by Sweet Raikou Fighter

Harry Eastwood - character by Staurt Edney, sprites by T-M-E

Lieutenant General Laura Timmons - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

Captain Jensen - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

Eon Squirrel - character & sprites by Bethany Turner


Custom Sprite Credits

Doctor Eggman - sprites by Bethany Turner

Nack the Weasel - sprites by Bethany Turner

GUN soldiers - sprites by Bethany Turner


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