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Commentary for August 30, 2018:

Since this is the first time Blaze has gone super, she honestly had no idea it was only temporary, and Sonic didn't think to warn her because he didn't realise she was unaware of this -- plus, they were both in a hurry to wrap things up. Hell, for all Sonic knew, a super form from the Sol Emeralds might well be permanent. In any case, Blaze didn't realise she only had a limited amount of time to take out the Eclipse Cannon before returning to normal, which is why it caught her off guard like this. But you didn't really think I'd kill off Blaze the Cat when I've gone to all this trouble to include her in Eon's World? She's one of my favourite characters, after all!

In the original version of this story, Sonic from the SatAM universe managed to get into the Eon's World universe and Eggman made out that he was a Sonic clone, made to cause havoc, which drew GUN's interest, leading to the capture of the real Sonic, which was followed up on pages #084 and #085. With Blaze's saga replacing the SatAM crossover, however, I took this opportunity to do a story I've wanted to do for some time -- Blaze getting captured by GUN. Ultimately, the outcome of this turn of events will take Eon's World to the same place as the original story did, but I think it works a lot better this way.

Original Character Credits

Captain Jensen - character and sprites by Bethany Turner

Lieutenant General Laura Timmons - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

General Marcus Davis - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

Scientists - characters & sprites by Bethany Turner


Custom Sprite Credits

Blaze the Cat - sprites by Kaijin

Doctor Eggman - sprites by Bethany Turner

Space Colony ARK - sprites by Bethany Turner

GUN soldiers - sprites by Bethany Turner

Johnny Lightfoot - sprites by Bethany Turner

Bunnie Rabbot - sprites by Bethany Turner

Antoine D'Coolette - sprites by Bethany Turner


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