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Commentary for August 28, 2018:

What, I wonder, could "Operation: Foothold" be? You'll probably need to wait a long while yet to find out!

With this page, I wanted to really show just how big a threat Doctor Eggman is, and how easily he can best GUN's forces at this time. The GUN cruisers (which are barely modified Mega Man ship sprites) here are nothing like the advanced warships later featured in Eon's World, and are only really armed with a handful of torpedo tubes and point defence guns, whereas the Egg Cruiser has all that and laser turrets as well. Oh yes, none of these ships have deflector shields either, because they haven't been invented yet! Obviously, Eggman's not invincible and his own forces are substantially smaller than GUN's, which is one of the main reasons he hasn't already taken over the world. The other, of course, is Sonic and his friends.

With robots like E-100 Alpha (i.e. Zero) and E-101 Beta, I always thought it was odd that Eggman never rebuilt them in the Sonic games. I guess maybe he's just not the kind to look back, especially after a robot has failed, but then he does keep on rebuilding regular Badniks that have failed him constantly, to say nothing of Metal Sonic, so why not rebuild the occasional super Badnik, like E-101 Beta?

Custom Sprite Credits

Blaze the Cat - sprites by Kaijin

Doctor Eggman - sprites by Bethany Turner

Space Colony ARK - sprites by Bethany Turner

E-101 Beta Mk II - sprites by Greg the Lion


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