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Commentary for August 26, 2018:

Blaze's saga continues, so naturally this is a brand new story, although the page itself is not entirely new.

The scene at Area 99 is recycled from the original remaster of page #077, which I did earlier this year, with the dialogue only slightly altered to fit this story. Of course, the original version of this scene from 2003 was quite different. Originally, Area 99 was cast as GUN's central headquarters and not just a regular base, so Davis being there made a lot of sense to me. But, as I learned more about how militaries and their command structures worked, I realised how absurd it was for GUN's supreme commander to be stationed at a remote base in the middle of nowhere and not at an accessible office in a major city, if not the capital itself. I suppose you could excuse it with advanced communications tech, but I figure people still like to meet in person. Besides, when a meeting is classified, it may just not be safe to use communications tech.

Originally, as I've mentioned before, the sprites I used for GUN characters were resistance fighters from Mega Man Zero. This included named characters like Davis and Timmons, although in their case, I edited the sprites to colour their uniforms red instead of green. At first, I was content to leave that as it was, but I had to make Davis at least distinct, as I later portrayed him as grey-haired and wearing glasses (the latter being a nod to the goggled resistance fighter sprites I used for him at first). As the shortcomings of those sprites piled up in the remaster, I decided to go all out and replace all the military sprites with better ones made at least two or three years later. For flag officers like Davis and Timmons, much later still.

With the benefit of hindsight all these years later, I also used the dress uniforms I made after Shadow the Hedgehog was released in late 2005, based on Abraham Tower's uniform in that game. (Yes, I know he's never been officially named in any Sonic game, but let's be fair; he's only ever appeared in two of them and the last of them was a decade ago now. Plus, I like the name Abraham Tower for that character.) I did go through a phase of uniforms inspired by real world military uniforms prior to that, but I decided to skip it with the remaster, so as to avoid the multiple uniform changes within the span of only a few years.

Finally, the Sol Temple guards are recyled sprites I made years later, originally as royal guards for a post-SatAM Mobius, where Sally now ruled as Empress. Since I've decided to remove the SatAM crossover in favour of Blaze stories, these sprites wouldn't otherwise see any use, and it would be a real shame to waste them.

Original Character Credits

Sol Temple Guards - characters & sprites by Bethany Turner

Lieutenant General Laura Timmons - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

General Marcus Davis - character & sprites by Bethany Turner


Custom Sprite Credits

Gardon - sprites by Bethany Turner

Doctor Eggman - sprites by Bethany Turner

Antoine D'Coolette - sprites by Bethany Turner

Bunnie Rabbot - sprites by Bethany Turner

Johnny Lightfoot - sprites by Bethany Turner

Blaze the Cat - sprites by Kaijin


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