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Commentary for August 24, 2018:

Another general cleanup this time. Better Sora-Ya and Tikal sprites, as well as a better warp ring sprite (it's a nicer colour and has a much wider aperture). Once again, I also put Doctor Eggman in the ARK's central control room, rather than a weird boxy office. Otherwise, not hugely different from the original. I also replaced a blue laser shot from the Tornado 2 with bullets from its machine guns (and I may have made a Warhammer reference, too).

There was never anything in the games, comics, or cartoons (Sonic X did a straight up adaptation of Sonic Adventure, remember, but those episode didn't start to air until October, 2003) that explicitly established that Tikal had the ability to predict the future. She didn't seem to have any powers, really, apart from manifesting as a floating ball of light with helpful advice or showing people images of the past -- and that's because she was meant to be a spirit, not a living person any more. While I have given an explanation in the remaster for Tikal's appearance once again as flesh and blood, I'm not sure what made me give her future vision abilities, but it is something I ran with from this point onwards.

Original Character Credits

Takinshoto (The Master Echidna) - character and sprites by T-M-E

Echidna Empire soldiers - characters & sprites by Bethany Turner

Sora-Ya - character & sprites by Bethany Turner


Custom Sprite Credits

Tikal - sprites by Bethany Turner

Metal Sonic - sprites by MechaSonic2

Metal Knuckles - sprites by MechaSonic2


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