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Commentary for August 23, 2018:

This page is essentially as it was in the original version, although I altered the dialogue a little to include references to things like pickup-artistry and virtue signalling. Mighty and Espio are, sadly, cast in the role of a pair of misogynistic dudebros and Peach goes to town on them for it. Yeah, this was 17 year old Beth taking her first tentative steps into feminism. It feels tame by my standards today.

They say "write what you know", and that's not exactly advice I've followed. I've written stories about war, diplomacy, space exploration, superheroes, and political intrigue. But here, there is a bit real life experience. I once knew a guy who, after a couple of bad experiences with women he was trying to romance decided he was, "done with women". This was before I was out as transgender, mind you, so he didn't realise he was talking to a woman. Needless to say, we are not friends any more.

Originally I was using more grownup looking sprites of Ray and was going with the original official age of Charmy, so they were depicted enjoying beers themselves. Since I've decided to re-cast Ray as a younger character based on his depiction in Archie Sonic and Sonic Heroes would shortly reveal that Charmy is officially a kid, too, I revised that to show them enjoying a cola each. Charmy's last line in panel 16 is, as most will recognise, a Game of Thrones reference.

Custom Sprite Credits

Mighty the Armadillo - sprites by Zong

Charmy Bee - sprites by ZinTime YUM & SonicDemon

Ray the Flying Squirrel - sprites by Crow Star

Espio the Chameleon - sprites by Bendilin

Luigi - sprites by Tanman & Xander

Peach - sprites by ZinTime YUM

Doctor Mario - sprites by Tanman & Xander


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