Page for April 18, 2003:

Commentary for August 20, 2018:

In the original version of this story, Eastwood and Miko were out on a date together that was interupted by a Robot Master from the Wily Party, whom Eastwood then killed. It was an awful story and was really just there to include another friend's OC. For the remaster, I gave Miko more of a purpose as part of Eastwood's arc, as well as adding some very heavy foreshadowing. Hell, just look at the title!

An interesting factoid about this page, though; it was the first where I'd written a scriopt before putting the comic together. As a result, it was the most verbose page I'd written to date. Of course, it took me a while to figure out just how much text I could comfortably squeeze into a panel.

Original Character Credits

Harry Eastwood - character by Stuart Edney, sprites by T-M-E

Lothar Hex - character by Gary Webber, sprites by T-M-E

Haru Miko - character by Harumiko Chan, sprites by Bethany Turner


Custom Sprite Credits

Vector the Crocodile - sprites by Mechachu

Luigi - sprites by Tanman & Xander


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