Page for April 12, 2003:

Commentary for August 14, 2018:

Hang on, Blaze! This is gonna be intense!

It can be a little tricky to show an action scene in a sprite comic without the panel getting overcrowded. I guess it's why I started using pseudo-3D (really isometric) backgrounds for some of the later battles on the ground. Or just general crowd scenes, sometimes.

While doing this page, it occured to me that Blaze may actually be autistic, which could explain her single-minded dedication to her task and her difficulty with social situations. With that in mind, I'm basically writing her now as if she's autistic (or at least on the autism spectrum). We need more representation, after all!

And talking of respresentation, you'll notice that Antoine is left-handed. No, it's not just a flipped sprite. I'm actually making his sprites specifically so that he's left-handed. After the reboot, Archie Sonic typically portrayed him wielding his sabre with his left hand and I wanted to follow that. Because most people are right-handed, most fictional characters end up being as well. It's nice to see the occasional exception.

Custom Sprite Credits

Blaze the Cat - sprites by Kaijin

Johnny Lightfoot - sprite by Bethany Turner

Antoine D'Coolette - sprites by Bethany Turner

Bunnie Rabbot - sprites by Bethany Turner


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