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Commentary for August 11, 2018:

When I was about 15 or 16, I had an idea for doing a Sonic fan comic that was primarily based on the games, but which also borrowed heavily from the comics and the cartoons. So, in addition to the game characters, scenarios, and settings, you'd have characters like Sally, Bunnie, etc. be part of the story too. In fact, my idea was essentially what the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic became after the issue #252 reboot of the continuity. Having seen it work really well there, I decided to hell with it, I'm going to do it with Eon's World now. After all, beyond Sonic Battle, I stopped following the games continuity anyway.

And so, here I am, finally doing what me half a lifetime ago thought about doing. Okay, it's a sprite comic and not a "real" comic, but I've got Eon's World 2.0 for that, and while I'm willing to practically re-make whole pages of this old sprite comic or even make brand new ones (like this one), I really don't have the time or the spoons to re-tell the whole story in the same format as 2.0 (as much as I would love to). But I digress.

Knothole Village being located in Wood Zone is lifted straight from post-reboot Archie Sonic. Originally, I was just going to give the Freedom Fighters a generic hideout somewhere in Metropolis Zone or Emerald Hill Zone, but I figured Knothole Village in Wood Zone works. A denseley forested region would be a great place to hide a secret village during Eggman's invasion of Westside Island (basically during the events of Sonic the Hedgehog 2), after all.

I already teased a bit of my Fleetway/Archie Freedom Fighter mash-up plans with page #038, and now here's more of it, with Antoine and Tekno in the same story as Bunnie and Johnny. For anyone wondering why Rotor's a no-show, please don't worry! He definitely exists in Eon's World, but I haven't made any sprites for him yet. I don't know if I will, either, but if he doesn't appear in 1.0, he should appear in 2.0. Besides, it's easy for a 240 x 160 pixel panel to get overcrowded (hence why Sally is not on this page).

I suppose the biggest question some folks will have is, "Why is Tekno non-binary?" Well, why not? Tekno always had a very androgynous style in Sonic the Comic and as soon as I showed my partner a picture of them, she asked, "Are they an enby?" And so I ran with that. There are too few queer, transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary characters in fiction as it is, and I want Eon's World to be a fictional universe that aims to change that. One of my biggest missions with it right now is this: MAKE IT GAYER.

Also, Sonic's reaction to Tekno's pronouns is exactly how everybody should respond in a situation like that. So be cool like Sonic, folks; when someone tells you what their pronouns are, respect them.

Finally, While Tekno's look is more or less as they first appeared in Sonic the Comic, Antoine's is primarily based on his post-reboot look from Archie Sonic, but with a colour palette closer to his pre-reboot look. Since the Westside Archipelago is a part of the United Federation of Meridia and not a separate nation ruled by a monarchy, Antoine is not a royal guard. Instead, he's a former soldier of the Meridian National Defence Force. He does also have a dress uniform that's closer to his pre-reboot look in Archie Sonic, too; but he'll only wear that on formal occasions.

Custom Sprite Credits

Antoine D'Coolette - sprites by Bethany Turner

Bunnie Rabbot - sprites by Bethany Turner

Tekno the Canary - sprites by Bethany Turner

Johnny Lightfoot - sprite by Bethany Turner

Blaze the Cat - sprites by Kaijin


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