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Commentary for August 07, 2018:

This story exists entirely because I made some Transformers sprites. Or, rather, I found some and edited them. Megatron and Shockwave, I made. The others I simply resized, as they were very small originally. I also made Optimus Prime and Blaster sprites, which originally were featured on the next page. Sadly, I have no idea who made the originals and I haven't been able to track them down, otherwise I'd give credit below. But if you know who made them, do please let me know on Twitter.

This was a two-page story originally, but the second part has no relevance to anything else in Eon's World. The first part shows where and when Megatron was before being transported into Eon's World on page #019. But the second part just involved Blaster being captured by the Decepticons -- a plot I never followed up on. So, I've decided to scrap it in favour of something else, which I hope you'll agree is a much better use of page #056.

For the record, the version of the Transformers I was borrowing from was the classic Marvel UK version, which is surpassed only by IDW's work, in my opinion. But then, IDW wasn't yet making Transformers comics back in 2003.

Custom Sprite Credits

Megatron - sprites by Bethany Turner

Soundwave - original sprites by [unknown], edited by Bethany Turner

Starscream - original sprites by [unknown], edited by Bethany Turner

Thundercracker - original sprites by [unknown], edited by Bethany Turner

Skywarp - original sprites by [unknown], edited by Bethany Turner

Shockwave - sprites by Bethany Turner


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