Page for March 23, 2003:

Commentary for August 07, 2018:

Would you believe this page was originally page #066? I don't know why, but I just left the fact that the Renegades were on their way to give Bass what-for hanging for another 12 pages! At the time, this was over a month later -- an eternity for a girl who was on the cusp of turning seventeen!

Also, I should note that I am well aware of how many of the "Robot Masters" I'm using are actually Mavericks from Mega Man X, who shouldn't exist in the original Mega Man's time. But I figure Mega Man's time was about fifteen years years before these events, so some later Robot Masters may have been early reploids...? Maybe...? Not buying it, Mega Man fans? Fair enough. I didn't know the difference between classic Mega Man and Mega Man X back then and I did want to replace the Mavericks with era-appropropriate Robot Masters, but there just aren't the sprites for them. I'm reluctant to use anything earlier than Mega Man 7, after all, so that limits my choice of Robot Masters quite a lot. I can't have 8-bit sprites in a comic that's mostly MegaDrive quality and above, after all. So, Mavericks are some of the best options.

Sorry, Mega Man fans. I do wish I could show better respect for the chronology. But then, I'm playing fast-and-loose with all the universes I've crammed in here, aren't? So no special treatment.


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