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Commentary for August 07, 2018:

And this is where Eon goes back to being an NPC. Still, it's early days yet. Although, at the time I originally made this page, it really didn't feel like it anymore. Fifty pages was a hell of a milestone and moving beyond it? My mind was full of ideas and possibilities for the future, but I don't think I knew or could even have imagined where things were going to end up.

For the remaster, I really wanted to hammer home the message that Eastwood is not a good guy. Yes, he may have sympathetic intentions, but in other circumstances, he'd quite easily be a villain. And no matter how much an ally may have helped him before, he is not above having them killed if they stop doing as he demands.

Original Character Credits

Silky Fox - character by Vay Yates, sprites by Bethany Turner

Eon Squirrel - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

Meridian National Defence Force Soldiers - characters & sprites by Bethany Turner

Lothar Hex - character by Gary Webber, sprites by T-M-E

Harry Eastwood - character by Stuart Edney, sprites by T-M-E

Cookirini - character by Jessica Davis, sprites by Bethany Turner


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