Page for February 18, 2003:

Commentary for August 06, 2018:

When I first made this page, I wrote Doctor Light as a bumbling oaf and Mega Man as a glory hog obsessed with dealing out justice to evildoers, a character trait that led me to do some really out there things with his character later on (including running for president as a parody of George W. Bush).

Having read Archie's Mega Man series now, though, I wanted to write the characters truer to how they should be. But there is still something wrong with Mega Man. No, not from a storytelling perspective, but something wrong with the character himself. Keep reading and you'll see where this takes us.

Don't worry, he isn't running for president in the remaster (nor is he a parody of anyone this time).

Original Character Credits

Lothar Hex - character by Gary Webber, sprites by T-M-E


Custom Sprite Credits

Roll - sprites by Big Papa Sonic


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