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Commentary for August 06, 2018:

Blaze is back!

This is another wholly new page made for the remaster. It replaces a story in which we finally caught up with the dimensionally displaced Knothole Freedom Fighters from SatAM Sonic. Instead, we're now finally catching up with Blaze the Cat, who has been nursed back to health by the kindness of Cream the Rabbit and her mother, Lady Vanilla.

This was a fun page to make and I really wanted to show what a beating Sonic can take, hence the eighth panel. I feel that's nothing compared to issue #175 of Archie Sonic, though. (That, by the way, was an amazing issue.)

Despite her fire powers, I'm writing Blaze as a very cold character right now. After all, what I'm going for is a very loose adaptation of her first game appearance, before she first warmed up to the idea of having friends or allowing herself to rely on anyone. Will she get there in Eon's World? Well, of course. But it's the journey that matters more than the destination, isn't it?

Also, I totally stole borrowed Eggman's exclamation of "EGAD!" from the Archie Sonic comics. Hey, I've said it before in previous commentaries and I'll say it again here; I'm borrowing things from potentially any and every depiction of Sonic for this remaster. And the way Ian Flynn writes Eggman is just delightful.

Custom Sprite Credits

Blaze the Cat - sprites by Kaijin

Doctor Eggman - sprites by Bethany Turner

Metal Knuckles - sprites by MechaSonic2


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