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Commentary for August 06, 2018:

Here's where I started to dip my toe a bit more into giving Eon a bigger role. But even then, it was still largely as an NPC, as it were; he was here to facilitate the story for the real heroes, more than anything.

Oh, how that changed.

Also, I was starting to make more of my own sprites for my own characters now, so I finally had Eon sprites that represented his actual height, whereas before he had been comically short, having been a Tails edit. I guess I really felt the need for that when Silky ended up so much taller than him when I switched to using sprites I'd made from Amy Rose edits. (Not that Eon would be insecure about dating a taller girl, but she simply wasn't meant to be taller than him.)

The biggest change made in the remaster here was to replace the soldier sprites I was using. Originally, they were some unedited resistance sprites from Mega Man Zero, which I used for a while to depict GUN soldiers. But I eventually used them to make some custom soldier sprites with more realistic uniforms. As part of the remaster, I decided to replace all the Resistance sprites with the custom soldiers I later made, to make my portrayal of the military consistent.

Also, I wanted to make it clear that this was the Meridian National Defence Force responding to Shadow, not GUN. In the Sonic games, GUN is the military of the United Federation, but it's not entirely clear what the United Federation is. It may be just a stand-in for the United States or it may be a global government. In the post-reboot Archie Sonic continuity, it was all of the human nations unified, so most of the world, but not all of it. Whatever the case, the United Federation wasn't actually introduced until the game, Shadow the Hedgehog in late 2005, almost three years after I wrote these pages.

I hadn't really established what Meridia was yet (I hadn't even come up with the name, as a matter of fact), but I had settled on GUN being the military of a united Earth government early and I was working from there. By the time the United Federation was name-dropped, I'd established the United Nations of Earth as the global government and made it clear that GUN worked for them. I did start to use the name "United Federation" for Meridia as a nod to that, but maybe if I were doing it all again, I'd make the United Federation the global government instead. It wouldn't even be all that hard to make the change now, but I guess I just have too much attchment to the name United Nations of Earth. After it all it makes a great acronym. "U.N.E." just rolls off the tongue, whereas I always find the letter F sounds terrible in acronyms. Still, the United Federation gets to be in my comic as the future successor state to the United States, which is, I guess, not too far removed from what it's meant to be in the Sonic games.

Original Character Credits

Eon Squirrel - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

Silky Fox - character by Vay Yates, sprites by Bethany Turner

Meridian National Defence Force soldiers - characters & sprites by Bethany Turner

Custom Sprite Credits

Shadow the Hedgehog - sprites by Daniel Sidney


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