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Commentary for August 05, 2018:

This was the beginning of the first major story arc of Eon's World. Everything up to this point had been a bit of silly fun with sprites; but here, I wanted to start telling a real story, with a beginning, middle and end. It was the first long term planning I'd done for the series, too, with the resolution planned for page #050. (Believe it or not, at this stage, I wasn't even sure I'd make it as far as fifty pages! Oh, my sweet summer child...)

Now, an important thing to realise here is that I was writing this less than two years after Sonic Adventure 2, the only game Shadow the Hedgehog had appeared in so far. The ending of the game was unclear, with Shadow falling to Earth after having saved the world and disappearing in a flash of light. Shadow's fans (and some more cynical folks in the Sonic fandom) said this was Shadow using Chaos Control to warp to safety and he would definitely be back. Shadow's detractors (or maybe just people who appreciate good storytelling), however, asserted that this was Shadow dying, having nobly given his life to save the world, and he shouldn't return or it would spoil the sacrifice. I was in the latter camp and ran with that theory (mostly because I really wasn't a fan of Shadow back then), which is why it took messing with the space-time continuum to bring Shadow back (albeit accidentally) here in Eon's World.

But why did I bring him back at all, when I wasn't a fan? I'm still not, honestly, but having read so much of the character in the Archie Sonic comics, I do have more of an appreciation for him now than I did back then. Really, my original reason for bringing him into Eon's World at this time was, "I found some cool Shadow sprites! Now I can write him as the pure villain I wish he had been in Sonic Adventure 2!"

Yeah, it was kind of juvenile. I didn't like Shadow turning good at the eleventh hour and I wanted to "fix" it. Well, now I'm fixing my fix. This is not the real Shadow, but a temporal clone of him, taken from a time before he realised what he had really promised to Maria, which is why he's got it in for Sonic and wants to destroy the world.

Original Character Credits

Sora-Ya - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

Horatio - character & sprites by Bethany Turner


Custom Sprite Credits

Shadow the Hedgehog - sprites by Daniel Sidney


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