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Commentary for August 05, 2018:

I actually had quite a lot of the echidna religion, Echitarianism figured out early on. Not everything, of course, but the core principles haven't really changed since I first made this page. Like Christianity and Islam it has a doctrine of salvation through faith and adherence to a set of religious rules. And like Christianity and Islam, it looks at similar religions as blasphemous and wrong and nothing at all like itself (especially if they are). Needless to say, not all of its followers are fundamentalist maniacs who want to take over the world, but the Echidna Empire are (and, as a result, that's all most people think the religion is, period).

For the remaster of this page, I wanted to show a little bit more of what the Imperials believe and what their goal is. Originally, around this time, it hadn't been made terribly clear, and they just came across as fairly generic villains. I may have known what they wanted, but I wasn't communicating it as well as I should have.

Oh yeah, Megatron shows up, too. I think I was in full on kitchen sink mode at this point.

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Sora-Ya - character & sprites by Bethany Turner

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Brenda Winters - character & sprites by Bethany Turner


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Megatron - sprites by Bethany Turner


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