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Commentary for August 05, 2018:

The title of this page comes from the song of the same name. I often named stories after songs. Believe it or not, I'm terrible at coming up with titles for stories.

When I first made this page, I had the strange idea of exploring the questrion, "What if Sonic and Amy were in a relationship?" I ran with it for a little while but lost interest eventually. So, for the remaster, I've instead decided that Sonic is capable of doing platonic friendship stuff with Amy. I'm also going out of my way to try and write Sonic as a kinder, friendlier character, who is not afraid to show that he cares about his friends and do nice things for them, rather than the toxically masculine, too-cool-for-school, I'm-a-jerk-to-all-my-friends portrayal of Sonic I'd grown up with reading Fleetway's Sonic the Comic, which is where I started out.

I mean, I don't think I ever wrote Sonic to be that big of a jerk, but it was definitely part of the background radiation. I'm just glad I had the cartoons and the games at the time to counter StC, especially Sonic X, which really went out of its way to show how kind Sonic could be. Whatever else Sonic X got wrong, I'm thankful for its portrayal of Sonic himself.

Custom Sprite Credits

Metal Sonic - sprites by MechaSonic2

Amy Rose - sprites by Neo Sonic


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